Secret Mission Statement

Welcome to We Defy Augury.

What’s the mission?

The mission is to resist. Vive la resistance!

We live in a world where we are under constant assault. We are besieged by a barrage of emails and text messages and algorithmic advertisements and infinite content. Netflix and TikTok and Spotify and Hulu. YouTube and HBO and Twitter. 

Despite these omnipresent distractions, I am going to sit down and read some books. And have some thoughts. Some independent, autonomous, digressive, and perhaps even logical thoughts about what I have read.



But if anyone can do it, I can.

Professor G. Truck.

I was born on March 2nd. The same day as Dr. Seuss.

If he can have an honorary degree, why not me?

I certainly deserve one. Because I’ve read a bunch of books. And I’ve had a lot of thoughts.

I’m going to try to vocalize them on my podcast: We Defy Augury.

And I’m going to try to write them down here.

Reading may be the last bastion of free will. And I’m not talking about reading a text or a tweet. I’m not talking about being read to by a professional actor while you weave in and out of traffic. 

I’m talking about actual reading. Not practice.

Sitting down and reading a book.

Reading in real-time, at whatever pace you please. This is where we can defy augury. This is where our thoughts can roam free and wild (besides the shitter, of course). This is where we can defy the predictive digital metrics that try to define us.

I hope you’ll join me in this endeavor. 

Our humanity depends on it.

That last sentence was probably a little melodramatic, but I felt like I had to end with an emotional moment. In actuality, it probably doesn’t matter a whit whether people read literature and think about deep and profound ideas. The planet is warming, the frogs are dying, the oceans are rising, the ice caps are melting, the forests are burning, the deserts are growing, the rain forest is being denuded, and the CCSA (Canadian Center on Substance Abuse) is recommending Canadians consume no more than two alcoholic beverages per week. Per week! And it’s fucking cold up there! Insane, eh?

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